Railroad Electromagnets

Railroad Electromagnets by MLTUS are designed to meet the unique needs of the railroad industry. Ideal for rail maintenance and cleaning, these lightweight and versatile electromagnets feature aluminum windings for an excellent weight-to-lift ratio. Available in 30″, 34″, and 36″ varieties.

Bipolar Electromagnets

Bipolar Electromagnets from MLTUS are designed and manufactured to be operated in multiple sets on spreader beams for specific lifting functions. These highly customized magnets are primarily used in hot applications, with shoes that can be shaped to match the contours of the product being moved. Aluminum or copper windings available with sizing contingent on application requirements.

Tri-Pole Electromagnets

Tri-Pole Electromagnets from MLTUS are highly specialized and are designed for unique applications. They feature two outer shoes in addition to a center shoe and can be manufactured with wire or strap winding and with aluminum or copper conductors. These magnets are often used on spreader beams and rigged to work in tandem with other magnets for moving product. Sizing is based on application and the pole shoes can also be customized to fit the contours of the product being moved.