Conventional wisdom for magnet management looks a lot like this: Use one magnet all the time and keep a spare somewhere at your facility to use when your primary magnet fails. It's time to throw out conventional wisdom. The MLTUS Buddy System is a specialized program that uses two or more magnets on a rotating basis. When implemented properly, our program can dramatically extend the life of both magnets while significantly reducing the failure rate.

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The MLTUS Buddy System: More Than Double Your Magnets' Lifespans

The Buddy System Dual Magnet Program is an MLTUS exclusive that directly addresses the number one cause of electromagnet failure:

Most magnets fail from overheating.

The MLTUS Buddy System breaks the cycle of overheating without slowing down your operations. Our program gives you the ability to eliminate heat from the duty cycle equation, which will extend the life of all your magnets far beyond what you would achieve with a traditional approach of using a magnet until it fails. This is especially recommended for applications where:

  • Magnets are operated for more than 16 hours per day.
  • Magnets are required to exceed their duty cycle rating.
  • Hot material is being moved.

The best feature of the Buddy System Dual Magnet Program is once you have it up and running, it's self-sustaining, giving you a better way to do business. We can help you set up your own Buddy System that includes training to minimize disruption to your regular processes.

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