Developed by MLTUS Chief Designer Dan Love, a forty year veteran of the electromagnet industry, the Armadillo Lead Protection System is a proprietary new technology from MLTUS that provides your magnet leads with complete protection, eliminating repair costs and improving your bottom line.

The Armadillo Lead Protection System:

• Prevents leads from getting crimped, crushed, smashed or severed.
• Eliminates labor hours needed to replace bad leads.
• Eliminates magnet production downtime.
• Prevents internal damage caused by severed leads while magnet is energized.
• Eliminates the need to open terminal box, dig compound out, replace bad leads, and repot the terminal box.
• Eliminates the need to purchase and store replacement magnet lead cables.

Protection so tough, you’ll never accidentally cut your magnet’s lead again.

The Armadillo Lead Protection System is a series of overlapping, movable thimbles that provide magnet leads and energy cables with extraordinary resistance to impacts, cuts, and abrasion. The Armadillo can be installed on any magnet system in moments and is ideal for protecting your leads against the extreme heat, shocks, and other hazards of the scrap industry.

“The Armadillo Protection System was installed on our equipment and has been a blessing to us. Since installing this system it’s reduced both labor and material costs, dramatically. We were repairing our hot line two times per week, on average. After installing the new protection system we have only had one service call over the past year. It’s easy, affordable, and a great return on investment. I would recommend it to anyone who needs their magnet leads protected.”

Rick Herrera
The Edward C. Levy Company

The Armadillo Lead Protection System will reduce your downtime and material costs, and raise your bottom line.

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