Limited Warranty


MLTUS New Product Warranty

Magnets manufactured by MLTUS will be warranted for the length of the warranty period specified on the quote. Warranted is the workmanship and materials used in the manufacture of the magnet. Warranty will be limited to all non-conforming workmanship or materials used in the manufacture of the magnet for the specified warranty period when purchased. MLTUS will not be responsible for damages due to improper use, including duty cycle, mechanical, or system abuse, other than natural, caused by the negligence of the end user.

MLTUS Hot Service Design

Magnets that are used in the moving of Hot Product or Hot Scrap (400o F / 204o C) or higher should have the Hot Service Design built into the magnet. The Hot Service Design Magnet incorporates adding a false bottom plate to the undercarriage, allowing a one-inch air gap between the main bottom plate and the false bottom plate that was added. The heat trying to penetrate into the magnet gets deflected by the false bottom plate. The heat being extracted from the coil through natural means escapes through the air gap between the main and false bottom plates. This design allows the magnet to cool and keeps the heat from failing the magnet.

MLTUS Duty Cycle

A duty cycle is a time frame designed to allow a magnet to maximize its lifting capacities based on a ratio of time energized to a ratio of time de-energized, which will allow the heat to dissipate from within the magnet without damages to the coil insulations or conductor. MLTUS recommends that a duty cycle time frame should never exceed 10 minutes.

Magnet System Compatibility

The components needed to run a magnet must be compatible with each other. The system starts with the power supply, which has to produce a minimal 230 volts DC, and produce the amount of cold amps the magnet or magnets need on the magnet system. The magnet controller must be able to handle the amp draw from the magnet and must be sized properly. The lead cable must be sized for the current passing through the conductor. The cable reel must be sized for the type of leads needed for the magnet system and must be sized properly. The connectors used on the magnet must be able to carry the needed current to run properly. The magnet draws amperage that needs a system to be compatible with its output or damages can and will occur to the point of magnet and magnet system failure.


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