Slag Deepfield Copper Electromagnet

Few materials are as damaging to magnets and equipment as slag, but the extra-heavy-duty structural design of the Slag Deepfield Copper Electromagnet (SDC) is built to take it. Whether it’s ultra-abrasive scrap, slabs, billets, drop balls, or slag scrap, this is the magnet that can do it all. The copper-wound version adds weight to the magnet but allows for more operating flexibility and strength, perfect for your most intense operations. Available in diameters ranging from 48″ to 68″.

Slag Deepfield Aluminum Electromagnet

The Slag Deepfield Aluminum Electromagnet (SDA) is one of the most diversified magnets ever produced. Built to withstand intense levels of physical abuse in demanding environments, the SDA can handle everything from highly abrasive scrap and slag to billets, slabs, drop balls, and more. If it’s ferrous and needs to be moved, the SDA Electromagnet can move it. The aluminum version of this magnet weighs less than its copper-wound cousin, the SDC, and is used when crane capacity restrictions are in play. Available in diameters ranging from 48″ to 68″.