The Magnet Loaner Program from Magnetic Lifting Technologies US ensures that you always have a magnet available when you need one, even if your primary magnet is being repaired or you have a new magnet on order. We provide you with a substitute magnet so that you can continue operations uninterrupted during normal outages or downtime.

How Our Program Eliminates Nearly All Downtime

You don’t want your operations to be entirely dependent on a single piece of mission-critical equipment, but sometimes maintaining an inventory of backup magnets isn’t feasible. This is where the MLTUS Magnet Loaner Program can save you from costly downtime. Here’s how it works:

  • You schedule magnet repairs (or order a new magnet) from our facility.
  • We supply you with a comparable used magnet for the duration of the service.

And that’s it. The loaned magnet includes the same customer support that we provide for all magnet purchases. This flexible and versatile program helps guarantee that you never have to slow down for equipment orders or repairs again.

Some restrictions may apply. Subject to the availability of used magnets at the time of service.


Click here to schedule a repair or call (877) 50-MLTUS (65887) for immediate service.