In the fast-paced, brutal environment of electromagnetic lifting, knowing the condition and capabilities of your magnets is essential. Magnetic Lifting Technologies US offers free onsite magnet inspections for all customers to take the guesswork out of your equipment maintenance. We also provide detailed quarterly, semi-annual, or annual status reports to help you make informed decisions about managing your electromagnets.

For immediate assistance, please call (877) 50-MLTUS (65887).

Free Onsite Magnet Inspections: Prevent Accidents and Breakdowns

Our inspections incorporate detailed evaluations of every component of your magnets’ systems and assessments of their performance. We provide you with the data you need to know where to go next, and our reports always include:

  • Resistance reading
  • Meg ohm reading
  • The condition of the magnet’s case (head and undercarriage)
  • The condition of the leads
  • The temperature of the magnet at the time of inspection
  • A priority list of action items with remedies that can be implemented by your maintenance staff

Our free inspections minimize repair costs and keep your magnets healthy.


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