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Rectangular Xtra Deepfield Copper Electromagnet


The Rectangular Xtra Deepfield Copper Electromagnet (RTXDC) is manufactured to provide ultimate lifting performance, replacing the need for multiple round magnets used in tandem to lift scrap in melt shops. In fact, one RTXDC has the equivalent lifting power of two round magnets rigged on a spreader beam with comparable lifting capacities, making it a more economical and efficient answer to mini mill production demands. The size and weight of the RTXDC requires an overhead crane for use but is more maneuverable, adaptable, and easier to use than a multi-magnet system. The copper windings in the magnet's coil are ideal for more intensive operations with longer duty cycles.

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Note: The application's magnet system must be compatible with the magnet being used. Incompatibility can cause damages to the magnet to the point of failure.