Every electromagnet application and work environment is different, which is why you need tailor-made fabricated equipment from Magnetic Lifting Technologies US.

We have decades of experience building lifting beams, spreaders, and custom electromagnet systems for the scrap, steel, and rail industries. We will work with you to design and fabricate exactly what you need.

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Custom Builds for Every Application

If your business has a need for a custom solution to your magnet applications, we have the answer. Our skilled engineers approach every custom projects with a single goal in mind: helping businesses meet their productivity goals.

Some of our custom builds include:

Modifications and Customizations

Our engineers are also capable of modifying existing magnets, lifting beams, and more. Whether it’s a complete overhaul, rebuild, or minor modification that you’re looking for, talk to one of our experts first. We can help transform your magnet problems into solutions.


To learn how you can save your magnets, email us today or call (877) 50-MLTUS (65887) for more information.

Custom spreader beam for the steel industry

Custom lifting beam and platform

Double magnet cooling rack

Magnet grapple tower modification

MagnePower diesel genset

Magnet modifications and customizations