Magnetic Lifting Technologies US (MLTUS) manufactures industrial lifting magnets for the scrap, steel, slag, rail, and foundry industries. We also engineer specialized and niche magnets for a wide and growing range of businesses. As a full-service provider of magnetic system technologies, we have the ability to custom design, build, inspect, service, repair, and support any make or model of electromagnet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture and engineer industrial lifting magnets that lead the world in quality, durability, and performance. We will also provide superior service, support, and training to ensure that each of our customers enjoys a maximum return on their investment.

Engineer Dan Love stands next to the first magnet built at MLTUS

Our Story

MLTUS was conceived in 2008 by Rick Frischolz, International Sales, Marketing and Training Manager. Rick saw an opportunity for renewed growth in the industrial and scrap handling magnet sector and, after began to draft a business plan for a new company that would focus solely on electromagnets, with an emphasis on quality and service.

For over a year, MLTUS existed only as an idea until a holiday trip in 2009. While visiting friends with his wife, Rick was introduced to Richard Rich, Wholesale Manager of Pittsburgh-based material handling company H&K Equipment. After hearing Rick's outline for a new lifting magnet company, he arranged for Rick to meet with H&K Equipment's co-owners, George Koch and Pete Cicero.

Rick traveled to Pittsburgh to discuss his business plan with George and Pete, the first in a series of meetings that would lead to MLTUS's founding. As the plan for MLTUS was developed, Rick was later accompanied by Dan Love, an engineer with nearly 40 years of experience, and Kim Kasler, a leading sales manager in the industry. Along with another industry expert, Mike Gordon, this group would go on to form MLTUS's core management team.

On July 1st, 2010 in leased factory space at a facility in Struthers, Ohio, MLTUS was launched with Rick and Dan as its first two employees -- and with a list of orders already waiting. Under the direction of George and Pete, the new team at MLTUS pioneered a different way of doing business. Armed with a small but passionate staff, they created a business model that put quality products over cutting corners, that put customer satisfaction ahead of profits, and that put American engineering front and center. They set out to design and build lifting magnets that would redefine the industry and show the true potential of electromagnetic material handling, a mission that continues to guide the company today.

MLTUS drone capture

New Location, Enduring Vision

After an auspicious start, MLTUS quickly outgrew its Struthers facility and began searching for a new location. Unable to find a suitable existing building, H&K Equipment opted to build a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that would be optimized specifically for MLTUS's process. A site was located 20 miles east of Struthers in the RIDC Neshannock Business Park in New Castle, Pa., and ground was broken in 2013.

Pushing through delays that included wet weather and record-breaking cold, construction on the new facility continued through the winter and spring and finally wrapped in the second quarter of 2014. The new facility, which included offices, a conference room, and 35,000 square feet of shop space, became fully operational in the summer of 2014.

Since moving to its new headquarters, MLTUS has continued to innovate with new products and practices that are reshaping the industry. In late 2014, even in the midst of moving, MLTUS introduced a new magnet cooling platform for hot applications and also unveiled the Armadillo Lead Protection System, winner of a 2015 Best Practice Award from the National Slag Association.

In 2015, MLTUS received the 2015 Impact Award from the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation in recognition of the economic benefits MLTUS has brought to the region. Today, over a decade after Rick's first vision for a new type of magnet company, MLTUS continues to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of electromagnet systems in North America and beyond.

About the H&K Equipment Group

The H&K Equipment Group is the mid-Atlantic's most comprehensive supplier of material handling equipment and warehouse solutions. With 12 locations in five states, the mission of the H&K Equipment Group is to provide the customers with the machines that power businesses, wherever and whenever they are needed.

To meet that mission, we have grown into a collaborative group of seven companies with an enormous portfolio of products backed by award-winning service.

In addition to award-winning products by MLTUS, H&K Equipment companies offer the region's largest sales and rental fleet of forklifts and lift trucks in all classes and capacities, plus overhead cranes, railcar movers, personnel carriers, terminal tractors, industrial cleaning equipment, and warehouse products.

For more information about MLTUS and how we can help your business, please send us an email or call 1-877-50-MLTUS to speak with a member of our team.