Cast Magnets

Cast or CDA (Cast Deepfield Aluminum) Magnets, offer a superior lift to weight ratio at a lower cost and better value. Built to handle both indoor and outdoor use, Cast magnets excel in light duty scrap handling applications. These magnets are wound with aluminum conductor because aluminum is lighter in weight than copper conductor and allows the diameter of the magnet to be maximized for the ratio of magnet weight plus material weight per lift.


Lightweight Xtra Deepfield Copper Electromagnet

The Lightweight Xtra Deepfield Copper Electromagnet (LXDC) is manufactured specially for scrapyards where overhead cranes are used to process material and high performance is a necessity. These copper-wound electromagnets are more robust than most comparable aluminum-wound magnets and are more versatile overall, with a deeper penetrating flux field that allows for greater capacity per lift. While heavier than their aluminum counterparts, the enhanced capabilities of LXDC magnets make them perfect for high-intensity applications in operations that run 16 or more hours per day.


Lightweight Deepfield Copper Electromagnet

Long shifts don’t slow this magnet down. Like its cousin the LXDC, the Lightweight Deepfield Electromagnet (LDC) from MLTUS is designed for use in scrapyards that run overhead cranes that are compatible with copper-wound magnets in their processing operations. Stronger and more versatile than aluminum-wound magnets, the added power and durability of LDC magnets makes them ideal for busy applications that run 16 or more hours per day. All magnets are optimized to fit your operational needs.


Lightweight Xtra Deepfield Aluminum Electromagnet

The Lightweight Xtra Deepfield Aluminum Electromagnet (LXDA) is ideal for normal scrap handling operations, offering a great balance of power and versatility at a reasonable cost. This type of scrap magnet is typically used on bigger mobile cranes and excavators, which allows for a greater capacity per lift. These magnets are highly customizable, and we use the style of boom and your daily process to create the best ratio of diameter, weight, and lifting capacity. Our magnets are always optimized for your operations. LXDA electromagnets are wound with lightweight aluminum conductor to allow us to maximize the diameter of the magnet and its capacity.

Lightweight Deepfield Aluminum Electromagnet

The Lightweight Deepfield Aluminum Electromagnet is a low-cost solution with great versatility for normal scrap handling operations. In fact, we design these magnets around your process, with the optimum size and weight to lift ratio determined by the type of equipment you run at your facility. Each magnet is wound with an aluminum conductor which allows for greater diameter and lifting capacities balanced by lower overall weight.