Magnet Services from MLTUS

Magnet Services from MLTUS

Magnetic Lifting Technologies US offers an extensive range of magnet service programs that will help you reduce your expenditures while increasing the return on your investment. Our cost-saving services include:

  • Free Onsite Magnet Inspections
  • Magnet Loaner Program
  • Magnet Rental Program
  • Magnet Asset Management Program
  • Buddy System Dual Magnet Program

For more information, browse our service options below or call us at (877) 50-MLTUS (65887) for immediate assistance.

Free Onsite Magnet Inspections: Prevent Accidents and Breakdowns

In the often brutal environment of electromagnetic lifting, knowing the condition and capabilities of your magnets is essential. MLTUS offers free onsite magnet inspections for all customers. We also provide detailed quarterly, semi-annual, or annual status reports to help you make informed decisions about managing your magnets.

Our reports include:

  • Resistance reading
  • Meg ohm reading
  • The condition of the magnet’s case (head and undercarriage)
  • The condition of the leads
  • The temperature of the magnet at the time of inspection
  • A priority list of action items with remedies that can be implemented by your maintenance staff

Our free inspections minimize repair costs and keep your magnets healthy.

Magnet Loaner Program: Eliminate Nearly All Downtime

The MLTUS Magnet Loaner Program ensures that you always have a magnet available when you need one, even if your primary magnet is being repaired or you have a new magnet on order. We provide you with a substitute magnet so that you can continue operations uninterrupted during normal outages or downtime.

For example, if you are having a magnet serviced at our New Castle, Pa. facility, we will supply you with a comparable used magnet for the duration of the repair. The loaned magnet includes the same support that we offer for all magnet purchases. This flexible and versatile program helps guarantee that you never have to slow down for equipment orders or repairs.

Some restrictions may apply. Subject to the availability of used magnets at the time of service.

Magnet Rental Program: Weekly and Monthly, Rent-to-Own

Throughout the course of the ebb and flow of the marketplace, sometimes you need extra equipment, and sometimes you don’t. The MLTUS Magnet Rental Program fills in the gaps and enables you to meet your production requirements without overspending on magnets that you won’t need to use full-time.

Our rental inventory includes new and rebuilt magnets, while our customized rental programs are ideal for a range of situations:

  • If you need a magnet for a specific application or temporary use.
  • When your primary magnet is out for repair and a loaner magnet is not available.
  • When you are waiting for a new magnet to be completed and a loaner magnet is not available.

MLTUS offers regular weekly or monthly rentals with the option to buy. If, at the end of your rental contract, you would like to purchase the magnet, a portion of your rental fees will be credited toward the sale price.

Our rental and rent-to-own plans are customized for each of our clients. For rates, availability and other options, please call 1-877-50-MLTUS.

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For rates, availability, and other rental options, contact us online or call (877) 50-MLTUS (65887) to speak to one of our experts.

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Magnet Asset Management Program: Maximize Your Resources

Managing and maintaining a working collection of electromagnets is a challenging art, which is why at MLTUS we partner with our customers to ensure they get the most out of their lifting equipment. Our Magnet Asset Management Program is designed for companies that use magnets at multiple locations and helps keep all your facilities as productive as possible.

How it works:

  • MLTUS inventories the magnets at each of your locations, including magnets that are infrequently used in daily operations.
  • We create a central database and monitor the status of all magnets in service at your company.
  • If one of your locations needs a magnet, we quickly determine if a suitable replacement is available at another location.
  • We have the replacement magnet delivered to where it is needed.

This program prevents you from needing to go outside of your own resources and saves on unnecessary purchases or rentals. It also prevents downtime and can lead to significant cost savings.

Buddy System Magnet Program: Double Your Magnets’ Lifespans

Conventional wisdom for magnet management looks a lot like this: Use one magnet all the time and keep a spare somewhere at your facility to use when your primary magnet fails. It’s time to throw out conventional wisdom.

The MLTUS Buddy System is a specialized program that uses two or more magnets on a rotating basis. When implemented properly, our program can dramatically extend the life of both magnets while significantly reducing the failure rate, saving you time and money.

Most magnets fail from overheating.

And this is why the MLTUS Buddy System is so important. We give you the ability to eliminate heat from the equation, which will extend the life of all your magnets far beyond what you would achieve using a traditional approach.

The MLTUS Buddy System is recommended for applications where:

  • Magnets are operated for more than 16 hours per day
  • Magnets are required to exceed their duty cycle rating
  • Hot material is being moved

We can help you set up your own Buddy System that includes training to minimize disruption to your regular processes.

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To learn more about the services available through MLTUS or to discuss how we can help you revolutionize the way you use magnets, contact us online or call (877) 50-MLTUS (65887).

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