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The MLTUS philosophy on training is an educated customer, with the knowledge of how to properly use of a magnet, is a happy customer. We want to give every magnet the life it deserves because we care about our products and we want you to experience that quality in your own operations.

That’s why as a value-added service to our customers we offer extensive training seminars for magnet crane operators, maintenance personnel and management teams. These seminars are proven to reduce costs and will increase your profitability.

Classroom and Hands-On Learning

MLTUS seminars are application-focused, meaning the learning will be geared toward the ways you actually use magnets at your facility. We strive to give your personnel a practical, actionable, real-world understanding of best practices that will keep your magnets running at peak performance.

Most seminars take approximately one hour to conduct and are interactive and engaging, with an emphasis on getting attendees to take "ownership" of the magnets they use every day. We use a mix of lecture-based and hands-on teaching to accommodate all experience levels and learning styles.

We offer several types of seminars designed to educate our customers on the proper use and maintenance of electromagnets:

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Crane Operator and Maintenance Staff Seminar

Crane Operator and Maintenance Staff Seminars are conducted onsite at your facility. Each seminar includes a presentation titled "Survival of the Fittest" that addresses the four primary causes of magnet failure:

  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • System Breakdowns
  • Abuse

Although designed for operators and maintenance staff, this seminar is also beneficial for supervisors and management teams. Each seminar requires a room to host the class and an overhead projector, if available.

"Proven Cost Savings" Management Seminar

The MLTUS "Proven Cost Savings" Management Seminar outlines important implementation strategies for getting the most dollar value out of every magnet at your facility. Designed specifically for management teams, this seminar is a powerful tool for dramatically cutting costs without sacrificing speed, safety or productivity.

Each seminar includes a presentation and discussion period during which we will share our extensive expertise and best practices with you. By the end of the seminar, attendees will be able to make important real-world decisions that will have a huge impact on your bottom line.

"Your First Day as a Crane Operator" New Hire Training Seminar

Our New Hire Training Seminar turns your brand new crane operator into an expert before he gets behind the controls at your facility. We offer these seminars at our new location in New Castle, Pennsylvania for any of your operators on their very first day of work.

We will individually train your operator on the proper use of electromagnets, how magnets can be damaged and how to perform their job duties without causing harm to the magnet. We extensively review best practices as well as proven, real-world strategies that will help them excel at their new job.

Onsite Magnet Controller Training Seminar

Effective electromagnetic lifting is as much about the controller as it is the magnet. This onsite seminar, conducted by one of our experts, breaks down each component of the controller and addresses common problems and troubleshooting tactics.

This seminar is geared for maintenance staff and has proven to be extremely successful in improving magnet performance.

Magnet Testing 101 Training Seminar

The best way to know the health of your magnets is through weekly, bi-weekly and monthly testing. The most common magnet tests include the:

  • Resistance Test
  • Meg Ohm Test

These are among the same tests we perform when we conduct onsite inspections, and they can be taught to your maintenance staff during this one-hour onsite seminar. These tests can tell you a lot about the health of your magnets and can catch potential problems early, before they impact your operations.

Working in partnership with MLTUS makes our expertise your expertise. Our training programs are proven to help reduce costs, so take advantage of them today!

To schedule a seminar or to learn more about the educational programs we have available, many of them free, please call us at 1-877-50-MLTUS.

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for more info on all of our safety and training programs.

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