Electromagnets from MLTUS

Lightweight Magnets: L Series

MLTUS - L Series - Lightweight MagnetsLightweight Magnets from the MLTUS L Series are manufactured for use in scrap yards where overhead cranes process scrap material. Powerful, versatile and exceptionally durable, these magnets are built to withstand grueling duty cycles in a range of harsh, application-intensive environments. L Series Magnets are available with aluminum or copper windings — we can help you select the best winding for your particular operation. Rectangular versions of these magnets are also available for melt shops and specialized applications. These are the most popular lines of magnets we produce because they consistently outperform and outlast competing models.


Mill Duty Magnets: M Series

MLTUS - M Series - Mill Duty MagnetsMill Duty Magnets from the MLTUS M Series are manufactured to handle heavy-duty abrasive materials, irregular scrap or mill products. To withstand the extra punishment, each M Series Magnet features a heavier structural design that protects it from any abuse your application can dish out. These are versatile magnets that can be used for multiple functions and can be attached to a chain or combined with other magnets on a spreader beam.


Lightweight Rectangular Magnets: L Series

MLTUS - RT Series - Lightweight Rectangular MagnetsMLTUS Rectangular Magnets are a specialized extension of the L Series and replace the need for multiple or tandem round magnets. Particularly useful in melt shops, rail cars and other specialized applications, each of these ultra-performance magnets has a greater lifting capability than two round magnets used on a spreader beam. These magnets can also reach corners and other areas that regular round magnets can’t.


Slag Magnets: S Series

MLTUS - S series_SlagThe Slag Magnets of the MLTUS S Series are a diverse line of products engineered with an extra heavy-duty structural design to withstand the harshest environments. From abrasive scrap, to heavy billets, to large slabs, to drop balls and slag scrap, there is no material that magnets from this series can’t handle. Available with aluminum or copper windings in sizes ranging from 48 inches to 68 inches. Custom sizes are also available.


Misc Series Magnets

MLTUS -Misc Series - Misc Series MagnetsRailroad magnets are a fabricated steel, light weight magnet design, for use with the rail industry. They are built in a 30”, 34”, and a 36” size. These magnets are aluminum wound and have an excellent weight / lift ratio.


Misc Non-Magnet